Why Voyager EDU

My entire life has been surrounded by and inspired by education. From roaming the halls of the elementary school my mother taught at before the bell rang each morning to sitting in college classes with her at night as she pursued further educational opportunities, the importance of school and higher learning was a lesson presented to me early in my life.

Having two older siblings enter the collegiate world before me, I had the chance to witness the challenges that accompanied this path while also staring the privilege of college access in the face before I quite understood what that meant. What I did know and understand as a child is that I loved to learn and my teachers continued to spark that joy and love of learning for me each year - despite the small amount of funding available to them to invest in our development.

As high school brought its difficulties both inside and outside of the classroom, I never lost sight of the next step: living a more fulfilling and authentic life. You probably expected me to say college and while it was, in fact, part of my next step, I had more waiting for me beyond my small town.

Upon moving to Northern Kentucky University for college, my life quickly changed for the better. The impact NKU had on me is a story for another time, but what's important here is the exposure I gained to different perspectives, lived realities and - you guessed it - access to education. As I continued to invest myself into the university community and into my own growth and development, I found passion in supporting students in college environments. Before I knew it, the fulfillment I was searching for was right in front of my face and I knew what path I needed to take.

Life after graduation led me to Miami University to pursue a Masters degree in Higher Education where I continued to learn and better understand the privileges that exist within education, as well as the boundaries that hold students back within educational systems. 

Six years after my initial arrival at NKU, I have returned to the campus that built me to serve as an Academic Advisor and to provide support to students during such a transformative time in their lives. Throughout the past six years, I have spent time with students of all ages, as well as teachers, faculty, and staff who dedicate their lives investing in these students.

Through my roles, I have engaged in conversations with individuals who have been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to privilege, to access, and to understanding complex identities. What has been significant to me from the very beginning was the ways in which we can help one another grow through education, whether by enhancing the opportunities available in their lives, opening their minds to other people's stories, experiences, identities, and it doesn't stop there. 

The Voyager EDU dream began during my time in grad school as I spent countless evenings wondering how I could make a larger impact on students, from pre-K to college. What more could be done to improve access to education, to lessen the gap? As I have begun my career in higher education, the importance of this work has only grown and the list of questions has lengthened. While I don't quite know the answers yet, Voyager is my first step towards investing in those who need it most to further educational opportunities and change lives - one at a time.

I hope you'll join our community as we work together to bring the Voyager impact to the world. Welcome to Voyager EDU!


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