Mission and Vision

Voyager EDU was born out of a dream to increase access to and quality of education for people of all ages. It’s time to stop dreaming and start making a difference.
Mission: We strive to increase access to and support through higher education for underrepresented and low income Kentucky students.
Vision: To empower every Kentuckian to seek out holistic growth by building accessible resources and funds that allow higher education to be an option for all citizens across the state.

Here’s what we care about here at Voyager:

Visibility: We believe in authenticity, vulnerability, and inclusion within education. This is what you can expect with us every day as we strive to provide products, services, and – ultimately – funding to our community. We will be open and honest about who we are and the goals we are working towards, and we will strive to promote visibility for folks in our community. 

OpportunityWe believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and become. That’s why our mission will always involve increasing opportunities within education for all.

(Yes, you!) We care about you and we want to give back. That’s why we will always remain community focused and allow our community to have a voice in who or what a portion of our proceeds benefit and what we can do to better serve you.

We have witnessed firsthand that one of the biggest barriers to education is access. Whether this is due to finances, identity, ability, or something else entirely, our aim is to locate those who need increased access and do our part to help.

We’re all about the growth mindset here at Voyager and we know there is always room to learn and grow throughout life. Our hope is that the work we do provides growth to our community in a variety of ways.

We want to provide hope and strength to our community so that the notion of “I can and I will” is forever embedded in their hearts and minds.

We founded Voyager with the aim, first and foremost, of putting educational resources into the hands that need them most, and we will evolve our services over time to improve the resources and support we provide to our community.